General Store (Four Vendor Booths)

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General Store (Four Vendor Booths)


Purchase of a general store (four vendor booths) will include the following:

Eight (8) vendor badges

Four (4) 10' by 10' spaces

Eight (8) 8' tables

Eight (8) chairs

Listing on the official KCCC website

Listing in the official KCCC program

Additional badges can be purchased on site at full weekend value.

Additional tables can be purchased on site from George Fern.

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Vendor booths are designed for those individuals and/or organizations who are selling merchandise which they have not created themselves, i.e. comic books, T-shirts, toys, etc.

Purchases of vendor booths are non-refundable.

Kansas City Comic Con wishes to remain a family-friendly environment. To that end, we ask that no adult-oriented material be openly on display or accessible to children.

Electricity and/or internet access can be purchased directly through Green Wave. Additional information will be supplied closer to showtime.

Any questions regarding the purchase of a vendor booth should be directed to the following individuals BEFORE the purchase of said table.



Kansas City Comic Con reserves the right to refuse the sale of a booth to anyone who does not comply with the rules listed above.