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He's a legend in the world of professional wrestling, introducing millions of AWA, WCW, and WWE fans to his unbridled energy, and later, to his signature move, the "Diamond Cutter".  Over his fourteen year professional wrestling career, DDP (as he came to be known) amassed several titles; winning  the World Television Championship, two United States Championships, three World Heavyweight Championships, and four World Tag Team Championships.(wwe.com/superstars/ddp)

After DDP sustained a near-career ending back injury in 1998, he used yoga to promote his healing and rehabilitation.  Nothing if not Innovative, Page began developing what would come to be known as DDP yoga. Page and his co-developers have designed a "revolutionary fitness program that takes the principles of yoga and supercharges them with old school calisthenics, core stability training and isometric and Dynamic resistance training to give an intense, complete body workout". (www.diamonddallaspage.com/actor/biography/) 

Fast forward to November 10-12, 2017; DDP himself brings both his "Diamond Cutter" and DDP Yoga to Bartle Hall as part of Kansas City Comic Con. Will he show off his signature move? Will he lead a DDP yoga class? Whatever DDP does at the show, rest assured it will be at full speed, innovative, and 100% fun.