Panel Times and Locations for Kansas City Comic Con 2017

Friday November 10th Panels at Kansas City Comic Con

Saturday, November 11th Panels at Kansas City Comic Con

Sunday, November 12th Panels at Kansas City Comic Con

Friday 11/10




Live Stage - Airbrushing with Rod Zirkle

3500 - A New Hope: Geeks & Mental Health


So many geeks face challenges daily, just because we’re a little bit different. We like weird TV shows, we wear weird clothes, we prefer books and pets to people, we feel anxious in social situations, while desperately wanting to feel included. This can lead to anxiety, depression, and a list of other mental health issues. This moderated panel will address these issues and share resources and personal stories of encouragement so you, too, can find A New Hope and Live Long and Prosper. Hosted by Angie Pedersen of the KC Geeks blog.


2502 - Style Versus Structure: The Art of Scene Construction

You’re writing the next great novel when suddenly you hit a stumbling block; you’re at a loss as to how to build your next scene. What do you do? Join Brian Peterson and his guests as they discuss how to design and construct a scene while finding your style.


2503 - Faction Paradox - Doctor Who

In 1997, the Doctor Who novel "Alien Bodies" introduced a group of villains called "Faction Paradox". Who knew 20 years later they'd be going strong with their own spin-off series? Looking at the history of the series, from its roots in Doctor Who, to its audio-dramas featuring acclaimed actors, to its short lived comic series, all the way to the present day novels from Obverse books, we'll delve into author Lawrence Miles' creation, and why people still love it 20 years on. Hosted by James Wylder.


2504 - Time Management for Artists

For those who want to develop their craft while balancing the demands of everyday life; this panel will introduce audience members to methods on how best to factor in self-care, as well as including tips on making the most of your time in front of the page. The discussion will include advice on creating structure and routine, and how best to set goals and deadlines that are realistic and achievable. This presentation will be a hybrid of sleek business insight and creative inspiration - a great panel for anyone who has the desire to further their artistic career, but occasionally feels overwhelmed by a busy schedule. Hosted by Lukas Ramsey.


2505 - Cosplay Build Set-Up




Live Stage - Wig Demo with Luna Flare, Rachel Stewart, and Honor Lychee

3500 - Colin Cantwell & the Inside Stories of Star Wars, 2001: A Space Odyssey, and the First Moon Landing

Colin Cantwell has had an amazing and diverse career including, designing the space ships for Star Wars’ “A New Hope”. During video clips and Q&A, you will meet Colin and hear the inside stories of some of his most memorable adventures. Hosted by John Holloway of the Worst. Comic. Podcast. EVER!


2502 - Spawning a Legacy

Nat Jones and Kevin Conrad, the artistic team behind Spawn: The Dark Ages, meet in person for the first time and discuss how they developed the look and feel of the Hellspawn of 901 A.D. Hosted by Hawk Holman of the Fanatics and the Fan podcast.


Main Floor - Arkvindicta

2504 - Midwest Metal Mayhem Festival (Featuring the Mayhem Babes)

Come learn about Kansas City’s latest, upcoming music festival featuring metal bands from all over the KC area. Learn about the festival and talk to the founder, the musicians, and their promotional team, the Mayhem Babes. They’ll cover everything from music to modeling; come talk metal with them. Hosted by Gabriel Welborn, Raven Black, and Tori Arwin.


2505 - Cosplay Build - Introduction To Materials and Technique

This short Q&A session will introduce you to the materials and basic skills you will need to build your Amazon/Greek Warrior inspired armor. Disclaimers will also be signed during this time and time slots for the next two days assigned. Hosted by Bruce Holt and the Extreme Cos-Builders.




Live Stage - Costume Contest Semi-Final #1 hosted by David Babcock

3500 - AMC’s Comic Book Men

From the Power Cosmic to the Speed Force and all things in between, Mike Zapcic, Ming Chen, and Bryan Johnson join forces to talk all things comic.


2502 - Comic Book File Cabinets

Tired of lugging around heavy long boxes? Do your drawer boxes tilt to one side no matter how you brace them? Searching for a better way to store your four color treasure? The answer is comic book file cabinets. In this panel, you will learn about the types of storage to use and the methods employed to repurpose ordinary file cabinets and transform them into the best comic book storage method you’ve ever seen. One lucky audience member will walk away with a file cabinet of their very own courtesy of KCCC! Hosted by writer David Petersen.


2503 - Guilty Pleasure Games with the Gamer Heroes Podcast

Do you love a terrible video game? Is there a classic bomb that you binge play? Come talk your guilty pleasure video games with Derreck Mayer and Jonathan Czerwinski, the Gamer Heroes!


2504 - Star Trek and Other “Stuff” with Kevin Dilmore & Dayton Ward

Join Kansas City media writers Dayton Ward and Kevin Dilmore to learn the latest (depending on internet connections) on their various projects, including Star Trek and other media properties. Warning: One or more panel participants may not be wearing pants. Join them for fun or at least unpredictable discussions—audience participation is expected and might even be rewarded. C'mon, what have ya got to lose?


2505 - Cosplay Build Q&A - Continued




Live Stage - Captain Jack Sparrow

3500 - A Day With Jay

Jason Mewes (one half of the on-screen duo, Jay and Silent Bob) will be in the Great Hall talking about his career, life, and all things “Jay”.


2502 - Luna by Kathryn and Mel Hogan

Mel and Kathryn Hogan, creators of the comic Luna walk you through their process from initial plot to completed page, using a page from their recently completed third issue. The talk will consist of the initial walk-through, and a Q/A session as time allows. If you've ever thought “I’d like to know how the magic of comics happens, and how can I do it myself on a limited budget while maintaining full-time work”, this is the session to attend!


2503 - Make Your Photos Work For You!

One of the best parts of cosplay are photo shoots, but what comes after that? How do you get a photographer? When do you pay, when do you get paid, what are you paying for, what are they paying for? How do you pose? What are the warning signs of a scam? All these questions answered for you and more with this panel. Models, cosplayers, and photographers are all welcome! Hosted by SirynRae.


2504 - BYOD (Build Your Own Droid)

Learn the tips and tricks, the in’s and out’s, the do’s and do not’s (there is no try) of building your very own astro-mech droid; spunky personality not included. Hosted by KC R2 Builders Club.


2505 - Cosplay Build Q&A - Continued




Live Stage - Trivia with DJ McLovin’

3500 - Doug Jones - The Man of a Thousand Face

Starfleet officer, sky-rider of the spaceways, an ancient vampire, amphibious member of the BPRD, Doug Jones has played them all. Go behind the make-up and the CGI effects, and learn what it takes to make these types of unique characters come to life in the movies and on TV. Hosted by John Holloway of the Worst. Comic. Podcast. EVER!


2502 - DC Comics Writers

Find out what it is like writing some of the most iconic characters of all time - from Batman and  Superman to Supergirl and Harley Quinn. Panelists Steve Orlando, James Tynion IV and Jai Nitz have crafted stories of the World’s Greatest Super-Heroes. Hosted by Jerry McMullen of the Worst. Comic. Podcast. EVER!


2503 - Podcasters Meet-Up!

Come down to the Podcasters Meet-Up to interact with the people of the pod! Compare recording methods, hosting solutions and much more! Bring along business cards or other promotional materials to share and connect.


2504 - Kansas City Comic Creators

Did you know that there are comics being made right here in Kansas City? Come meet some of the local creators (Anthony Oropeza, Steve Daniels, and Darren Neely) who make their own comics. Hosted by Eric Schuetz of Notes and Nerds Entertainment.


2505 - Cosplay Build Q&A - Continued

Saturday November 11th

11:00 AM


Live Stage - Trivia with DJ Mclovin’



3500 - Batman ‘66 - Burt Ward and Lee Meriwether


Holy Celebrities, Batman! Two of the stars of the 1966 Batman television series have travelled from Gotham City to Kansas City. Burt Ward (Robin) and Lee Meriwether (Catwoman) have been part of the fabled history of the show that brought the BIFF! POW! BOOM! each week at the same Bat Time, same Bat Channel. Hosted by Jerry McMullen of the Worst. Comic. Podcast. EVER!


2502 - Social Media Marketing


Social Media is the #1 tool needed to grow your business/fan base. In this seminar we learn in depth how to use that tool to its full advantage from the algorithms, how they work, how to beat them to post priority, branding and more! Hosted by Oh My Sophii


2503 - Beneath the Mask


Listen to segments consisting of people's past and current experiences at comic cons; how comic literature and the tales others have created have impacted them as a person. Hosted by Raymore-Peculiar High School.


2504 - Geek's Guide to Social Interaction


Patience, young Padawan, it is possible to speak with muggles and not scare them away. Learn the difference between creepy and charming. How to pick up on social cues. And why it's always best to be yourself. Join us for a humorous Q & A at Camp Khitomer as we share some of our musings on the finer negotiation of nerd and non-nerd peace treaties. Hosted by writer David Pedersen.


2505 - Cosplay - Amazon/Greek Warrior build



12:00 PM


Live Stage - Body Painting with Rob Zirkle and Jessi Harvey (12-2 PM)


3500 - Cosplay for All: Portraying Characters You Love


Cosplay is a chance for ANY body to express themselves and their passions for ANY character - regardless of skin color, orientation, mobility, or gender. It’s about living the character in the moment. Join panelists Pros & Cons, Papa Bear Cosplay, Luna Flare, and Walkin' & Rollin' Costumes as they explore the diversity and empowerment in cosplay. Moderated by Angie Pedersen of the KC Geeks blog.


2502 - The Comic Process - Writing a Comic Book


So you want to write comics but don’t know where to start. Get the inside tips and tools of the trade from some of the top writers in the industry. Join panelists Jason Aaron, Dennis Hopeless and Frank Tieri as they share their insights into the writing process. Hosted by writer Jason Arnett.


2503 - The Horrible Movie Podcast


The Horrible Movie Podcast sets it's sights on Michael Bay's "Transformers: The Last Knight." Michael Bay will stop at nothing to prove that you will go to the Theater and pay money to see his big budget action movies, even if you know there's no way it can fix the franchise. This movie has no Shia Labeouf, but he was replaced one movie earlier by Marky Mark Wahlberg. It doesn't help much and the members of this panel will leave no Autobot un-turned, in this film, explaining why it is indeed, Horrible. The HMP Live panel will feature Movie Clips, Great Discussion, Giveaways, Free Microwave Popcorn, and lots of Fan interaction. Did I mention Free Stuff?  


2504 - Comics For All Ages


Join writers Ian McGinty and Samantha Glow was they discuss their new book Welcome To Showside. How does one go about crafting an all-ages book in this new comic world we live in? Hosted by John Holloway of the Worst. Comic. Podcast. EVER!


2505 - Cosplay - Amazon/Greek Warrior build



1:00 PM


3500 - You’ll Believe A Man Can Fly! Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Superman: The Movie (1-3 PM)


In 1978, director Richard Donner brought together an all-star cast of veteran actors and future stars to bring the legend of Superman to the big screen. Join guests Margot Kidder, Sarah Douglas, Jack O’Halloran, Diane Case, Jeff East, Aaron Smolinski, and Valerie Perrine (via Skype) as they recount their time on the set of the Superman movies. Hosted by Jim Bowers of Caped and Derek Maki of Cool Waters Productions.


2502 - The Comic Process - Pencilling a Comic Book


So you want to draw comics but don’t know where to start. Get the inside tips and tools of the trade from some of the top artists in the industry. Join panelists Art Thibert, Bob Hall and Brent Peeples as they share their insights into the pencilling process. Hosted by Jerry McMullen of the Worst. Comic. Podcast. EVER!


2503 - Divas, Dropkicks & Dives


Insert Text


2504 - History of Kansas City Comic Conventions


From the basement of the Ranch Mart Shopping Center to the Jack Reardon Center and now to Bartle Hall, comic book conventions have come a long way in Kansas City. Join local artists Rick Stasi and Steve Lightle as they recount their personal histories of KC comic book conventions. Hosted by Kirk Chritton.


2505 - Cosplay - Amazon/Greek Warrior build



2:00 PM


Live Stage - The Art of Caricature by Arie Monroe


2502 - The Comic Process - Inking a Comic Book


Some people may refer to inkers as tracers, but here at KCCC, we call them the second artist on a book. Get the inside tips and tools of the trade from some of the top inkers in the industry. Join panelists Dexter Vines, Jonathan Glapion and Rob Hunter as they share their insights into the inking process. Hosted by John Holloway of the Worst. Comic. Podcast. EVER!


2503 - Cosplay & LGBT+ with the Costume Couture Podcast


Join a discussion on gender identity and sexuality expressed through cosplay, how the panelist pick and choose their characters, as well as tips & tricks for Genderbending. Hosted by SirynRae and Ian Turner.


2504 - Independent Writers


Believe it or not, you can write and publish your own book without using a large publisher. In fact, it may be easier than ever to get yourself published. Join writers David Pedersen, Brian Peterson, Holly Messenger and Nicholas Forristal as they share their wisdom of the publishing world. Hosted by writer Jason Arnett.


2505 - Cosplay - Amazon/Greek Warrior build



3:00 PM


Live Stage - Costume Contest Semi-Final #2 hosted by David Babcock.


2502 - The Comic Process - Coloring a Comic Book


So you want to color comics but don’t know where to start. Get the inside tips and tools of the trade from colorists in the industry. Join panelists Jeff Balke and Erica Batton as they share their insights into the coloring process. Hosted by artist Rick Stasi.


2503 - Fanatics and the Fan


Come check out this live taping of Fanatics and the Fan. Be a part of the discussion with the Fanatics and their guests, asking the hard questions and maybe win something. Fanatics and the Fan is a fun, exciting and in-depth look into the world of science fiction, fantasy, gaming, comics and all things geek! If it is Nerd, it will be Heard!


2505 - Cosplay - Amazon/Greek Warrior build



3:30 PM


3500 - Costume Showcase (3:30-6:30 PM)


Show off your cosplay costumes on the Great Hall stage!


2504 - The Resurrection of Green Arrow


Hard to imagine now but at one point DC Comics had killed off Oliver Queen as the Green Arrow. But it’s hard for a good character to stay dead in comics. Join the creative team of penciller Phil Hester and inker Ande Parks as they discuss bringing back Oliver Queen to life in 2001 with the popular Quiver storyline. Hosted by Jerry McMullen of the Worst. Comic. Podcast. EVER!


4:00 PM


Live Stage - Make-Up Demo with Luna Flare


2502 - Hamid Thompson - The Unsung Heroes of Motion Pictures


The true stars of many movies are not the celebrities with their names in the lights. Many times, the stars are the stunt people who make those celebrities look good, whether that is as a stunt double or with motion capture. Join guest Hamid Thompson as he recounts his time working on films such as Logan, Spider-Man: Homecoming, Jurassic World and many more. Hosted by the Horrible Movie Podcast.


2503 - Notes & Nerds Entertainment


Podcast Practical Lab - A "How To" Discussion about starting, and maintaining a Podcast. Learn about what equipment best suits your needs, distribution methods, and more. Featuring Notes and Nerds and Heroes Podcast Network.


2505 - Cosplay - Amazon/Greek Warrior build




Live Stage - Acoustic Music with Christopher Weedin and Son.


2502 - The Voices of Star Wars


You may consider yourself the biggest Star Wars fan in the world. You can quote the movies over and over. But have you met the voices that spoke those lines? Sit down with panelists David Ankrom (Wedge) and Tom Kane (Yoda) as they share their adventures from a galaxy far, far away. Hosted by Derreck Mayer of the Screen Heroes podcast.


2503 - Disneyland 1.0 with WEDWay Radio


Come take a look at the early history of Disneyland with the hosts of the WEDWay Radio podcast, Nate and Matt Parrish. You may know Disneyland as the home of Space Mountain, Pirates of the Caribbean, and The Haunted Mansion, but during this panel you'll get a glimpse into the ridiculous, outrageous and very practical attractions and shops that occupied early Disneyland.


2504 - Batman: The Animated Series at 25


In the fall of 1992, Batman: The Animated Series made it’s debut, and the animation world was never the same. This ground-breaking series broke all of the rules of animation to become one of the greatest animated series of all time. Hear from writer Mitch Brian and animator Todd Aaron Smith about their jobs bringing Gotham City to life. Hosted by Hawk Holman of the Fanatics and the Fan podcast.


2505 - Cosplay - Amazon/Greek Warrior build




Live Stage - Indy Pop Music by Crystal Clayton


2505 - Cosplay - Amazon/Greek Warrior build


7:30 PM


3500 - Fatman on Batman - Kevin Smith, Mark Bernardin and David Finch


Fatman on Batman is a podcast featuring filmmaker Kevin Smith and is hosted on the SModcast Podcast Network. The podcast enjoys a semi-regular schedule and is a venue for Smith to explore his fandom for the DC comic property Batman. Established or notable individuals that are in the orbit of the Caped Crusader join Smith in the Fat-Cave to discuss the personal and social impact of Batman as an icon. Smith, in his unique manner, explores the character’s transcendence from pop culture to a modern myth that reflects idealized social norms.

Sunday November 12th

11:00 AM


Live Stage - Music and Trivia with DJ McLovin



3500 - Frozen: The Comic Con Panel


Do you want to attend a panel? Come on, let’s go and listen in as guests Eva Bella and Livvy Stubenrauch describe their time voicing the younger versions of Ana and Ella in Disney’s Frozen from 2013. If you ask nicely, they might even sing a song! Hosted by WEDWay Radio.


2502 - Comic Book Covers


Get the inside scoop on what it takes to put together a really good cover for a comic book. Writer Donny Cates works with penciller Phil Hester, inker Ande Parks and colorist Jeff Balke to build an exclusive cover for KCCC of Baby Teeth #6 from AfterShock Comics. Hosted by Jerry McMullen of the Worst. Comic. Podcast. EVER!


2503 - Intro to SexyNerdScience


Join SNS as they explore the in depth world of SexyNerdScience-ology.  SNS-ology is the study and listening of the SexyNerdScience Podcast.  During the course they will discuss Sexy, Nerdy, and Science-y topics in detail during a live Podcast. Topics like the Science behind Science Fiction, upcoming Movies and Shows, Space and such, Tesla, and everyone's favorite, passive aggressively disagreeing with Dru.  Prerequisites: Attending KCCC.


2504 - Voltron Space Rangers


Join Amber Studebaker and the Paladins of Voltron as they answer your most burning questions and entertain you in a panel that is out of this world.


2505 - Cosplay - Amazon/Greek Warrior build


12:00 PM


Live Stage - Music and Trivia with DJ McLovin (cont’d)


3500 - Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers


We know you watched the show growing up. Heck, you may still watch the show. Come to the Power Rangers panel to ask Walter Jones, Karan Ashley and David Fielding all of the questions you wanted to know but were afraid to ask. Hosted by Eric Schuetz of the Notes & Nerds Entertainment podcast.


2502 - Webtoons


Learn more about Korea's popular webcomic format that features an infinite canvas, enabling a whole new spectrum for comic storytelling. Hosted by Leeanne Krecic.


2503 - Ranking the Batman Films with the Screen Heroes Podcast


An audience participation panel focused on ranking all of the live action Batman films starting with the 1966 Adam West movie.


2504 - Legion Appreciation


A panel that’s been a century in the making. The Legion of Super-Heroes have been saving the 30th century for more than 50 years, and we just can’t get enough of these teenage super-heroes. Join this roundtable discussion with Legion artists Mike Grell and Steve Lightle, and Legion fans Bill Schmidt, John Holloway, and Barry Poole.


1:00 PM


Live Stage - Special Effects Make-Up Demonstration with Sabrina Hargis


3500 - Kansas City Comic Con Game Show


Come on down, you could be the next contestant on the KCCC Game Show. Hosted by Kirk Chritton and Angie Pedersen.


2502 - Portfolio Reviews (1-3 PM)


Want to have your work reviewed by a comic book professional? Bring your portfolio to get some honest opinions on improving you work.


2503 - Podcasting Predicaments... I will explain later


The co-hosts of A Gal & A Gay and Traveling The Vortex go over what worked and did not work when they started their podcasts. Learn from their mistakes and successes Also, you can be apart of their live studio audience during the panel while they record a podcast live!


2504 - Comics as a Tool for Social Change


Comic books have long been a vehicle for social change. For over over 100 years, comics have been used to highlight, showcase, endorse, and even nullify social objectives. Redlined writer Jen Appell, Amigoman Creator Anthony Oropeza, and CHC Executive Director Jerry Jones discuss how they are using comics as teaching tools within schools and the community. Hosted by Steven Fuller.


-2:00 PM


Live Stage - Speed Painting with Annika Wooten


3500 - Worst. Comic. Podcast. EVER!


Want to sit in on the live recording of a podcast? Featuring the guys from the longest-running, lowest-rated show around? Join John Holloway, Jerry McMullen and the floating head of Cullen Stapleton as we play a game, answer questions and give away prizes.


2503 - Drive-In Movie Maniacs


Insert Text


2504 - Graphic Novelty Podcast: A Super Special Live Recording


This recorded podcast panel will have members of the Graphic Novelty crew put the show on live. There are so many awesome things happening at this show. SO MANY. Trivia! News of the Week! ConFessions! And MORE! Did we mention prizes. PRIZES! It promises to be the best time you’ve had at a live podcast recording EVER.


3:00 PM


Live Stage - Costume Finals hosted by David Babcock


3500 - Talking to Myself (To You)


Local creative talent Rick Stasi share his musings and thoughts from his book in a live presentation on the main stage.


2502 - Talent Mixer (3-5 PM)


As the show winds down, KCCC invites guests to take a break from their tables and socialize with the other show attendees.


2503 - Reel Hooligans


The Reel Hooligans are going to war with the Justice League.  Preview DC’s dream team movie with Tim and David.  Plus, the Hooligans will invite audience members to play a game for Justice League prizes.


2504 - Selling Your First 1000 Comics with Uptown Authors


Presented by Uptown Authors, this panel discusses how best to prepare, promote, and market your book. Everything is covered from professional preparations, brand-building, and networking, to meeting your readers and public speaking. Panelists include Kristin McTiernan, Rachel Ellyn and Dennis Young.



Live Stage - Closing Ceremonies (More Music) with DJ McLovin


5:00 - Close